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Tips on citation download. Adams, G. Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Psychology and Guidance. New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston , Google Scholar.

Would you always recommend reviewing the whole do now, or can the all-class review focus on only a few key questions? Great question.

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The sheets are collected after five minutes and placed on my table. I go over the correct answer after I collect the sheets, this way, students get the correct response and do not carry wrong information in their minds. Each day students get 5 points for a correct response, 3. This becomes a motivator for everyone to try and respond to the question! The Do Now for my class is always written on the board, next to the smart board just in case tech is wonky and then written on the smart board. One thing I loved that I read in this article is having the Do Now written on paper that can be collected.

I plan to have a half sheet that students can grab as they enter the room and get ready for the day with all the directions. Student could then write the response in their notebooks or in the case of students who do not come with materials, write directly on the paper. I also want to find a way to keep a file for each student in the room, ready, to hold blank copies of work on days that they miss or again for those students who can seem to get organizes to keep work for that class.

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Preventing misbehaviour:

I tend to see this one most at the elementary school level Students should be able to complete the Do Now without any direction from the teacher, without any discussion with their classmates and in most cases without any other materials save what you provide. So if the Do Now is to write a sentence interpreting a primary source document that is an 19 th century Punch cartoon, that cartoon should be posted somewhere easily visible to all or else copied into the Do Now packet. This area should provide the conditions that will allow convenient and efficient conduct of teaching and the all-round development of the student.

Misbehaviour disrupts the process of learning, so it is more effective to prevent misbehave than deal with it. The classes can justifiably be described as mixed ability classes. Every child is unique, with its own personality. There is a vast amount of literature on effective behaviour management, from which the following essay will focus on the causes, prevention and dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

The essay suggests that there is a clear relation between these three areas, which if combined can aid teachers find the causes of misbehaviour, suggested ways of preventing misbehaviour and identify effective approaches in dealing with misbehaving pupils. Effective teaching as an educational theme is wide and with no specific definition.

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Depending on the context and situation, effective teaching can be differently defined. However for a teacher to be able to provide these opportunities to the students certain conditions should be met. The behaviour of the students and classroom climate have a vital role in both teaching and learning.

One of the main reasons I chose to deal with this issue is that in my home country, Cyprus, high levels of delinquent behavior in the classroom are present. For new teachers this is the biggest problem in the classroom. As a teacher who wants to work in primary schools, I think it will be very helpful to be trained and read more extensively on the subject. I hope to enrich my own knowledge with innovative and creative ideas in order to manage my classroom more effectively in the future.

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Results 1 - 24 of Browse student behavior essays resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, A 2 paragraph essay that students can copy when they have. Copy the essay and fill in the blanks with your own words. Be sure to title it Every student in the United States is offered 13 years of free education. Not many .

There are several reasons for pupils to misbehave in class. More specific, on one hand the quality and content of the lesson can make pupils either become bored of the lesson or not be interested in it.

Understand the Basic School Rules

Thus, pupils in this situation may provoke misbehaviour and disturb the class. On the other hand literature suggests that there is a direct relationship between the achievement and the behaviour of a pupil in the classroom ibid, p. This relationship says that low achievement often leads to misbehaving pupils since they do not care about their achievement they are not interested in paying attention to the lesson.

However, there are external reasons causing pupils to misbehave in class. Such reasons can be family and home situations. For example parental divorce, unstable background or even lack of authority and caring at home can result in challenging behaviour in class ibid, p. In addition, the values promoted at home can be different from one home to another; so a pupil since is not told off at home for misbehaving is probably going to repeat it in class. Nevertheless, there is always a number of pupils who seek attention and try to achieve it by misbehaving especially between teens.

External factors that may cause inappropriate behaviour of students, who are required to be identified in order to help the student are cultural, linguistic and poverty factors Visser, , p. Every culture has different norms that would be good and useful for the teacher to know, in order to be able to recognize and justify the behavior of the student. Classes today are comprised of students from different countries with different cultures and language. We can justifiably characterize these as multicultural classrooms.

As a result for many students the language used at school may be different than the one used at home. Therefore the student because of the limited vocabulary might not be able to understand what he is being asked to do. Finally, poverty can affect students; this problem can cause lack of motivation and incentives to use the appropriate behavior in the classroom Visser, , pp. Prevention is always more effective than confrontation.

Consequently in the case of unwanted behavior, is the best way to make efforts to stop it before it even occurs. Even the best lessons with the most experienced and talented teachers present misbehaviour. Usually undesirable behavior occurs because the lesson and the methods used by teachers do not meet the needs, interests and abilities of children. If teachers try to make lessons more attractive for their students, then surely it is an effective way to prevent misbehaviour.

Many teachers use in their teaching limited learning styles, especially visual and auditory. This certainly is not attractive for their students who prefer to learn in a different way such as by listening to sounds or movements. Different learning styles should be used in teaching in order to cover all the pupils way of learning.

School Behaviour Policies For Children Education Essay

The best solution is to teach school subject by including the interests of children ibid, p. It is very important to involve the pupils in school operation because in this way they believe that the teachers take into account their problems. From the beginning of the school year it is very important and necessary to establish between the teacher and students a good and positive relationship based on respect.

Once children feel comfortable and trust their teacher, it is easier to create a climate conducive to effective classroom management.

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A good relationship in the classroom is essential in order to say that classroom management is success. If children do not respect and do not like their teacher, then they can not trust him and learn from him. A good tactic to create good relationship between student and teacher is that the teacher has the ability to fall into place with the students and see things from their own perspective.

One way to develop good relationships with students is to show interest in the things they love or care about.


Children will be thrilled if they see that the course includes things that move their interest. The teacher should also be able to listen to students anytime and help them when they need it. Humor is an essential element to create good interpersonal relationships. Humor can make the student to entertain, relax or feel better and gives a pleasant note during the course. Students need and seek the use of humor both by themselves and by their teacher.

The teacher who uses jokes or he is expressive in class is always more attractive to children. Everyone, especially children want a course that is more enjoyable and pleasant. Rogers, , pp. Contracts are one way to engage students in classroom management. Through contracts students gain a voice and they know from the beginning what is expected of them, because they know their rights and responsibilities in the classroom.


I will also be giving you a copy of the excerpt so that you can read it to yourself. Miscellaneous templates. Models of evaluation and their relation to student characteristics. Start with the subject, topic and volume, specify the deadline and your academic level. Computer-assisted instruction. To give students a model for simple storytelling, show them a series of pictured events or video recordings of real-life events e.

The teacher can explain to students why it is necessary to create such a contract and how it will help him. A traditional way of preventing misbehaviour in class is setting specific rules and routines to be followed in class. It is very important for them to be clearly stated and for teachers to clarify exactly what is required of their students. In addition rules must be reasonable in order students follow it. It is essential to include students in creating the rules, the rewards and the consequences.