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A holistic rubric might assign a letter grade based on the overall clarity, organization, and technical proficiency of the writing. It will also be free of grammatical and spelling errors. For example, you might subtract 1 point for every grammatical error, or assign a range of points for organization, fluency, or the degree to which the writing addresses the assignment topic. Set clear parameters for your assignment. The writer will need to know exactly what is expected of them as they are completing their assignment. Tell them what you will be looking for in as much detail as possible, and invite them to ask questions if they have trouble understanding the assignment.

Provide both written and verbal instructions to accommodate different learning styles. Give them information such as: [4] How much time they have to complete the assignment. Approximately how long the text should be e. The purpose of the assignment e. The topic or range of topics you would like them to write about.

Writing an Evaluation Essay

Keep re-evaluating throughout the writing process. Building writing skills is a process, and so is evaluating those skills. If you can, offer multiple assignments over a period of time, and provide feedback that encourages improvement and development.

How to Write an Evaluation Paper with Sample Essays

Method 2. Writing conventions are the basic technical skills that make writing coherent and understandable. Good spelling is a key element of clear and professional writing. Proper punctuation is also essential for clarity of writing. Use proper punctuation to mark the ends of sentences e.

Indicate contractions and possessives with the correct use of apostrophes.

How to Write an Evaluation Paper - Step-by-Step Guide from Experts

Examine their capitalization. A skilled writer should know the conventions of capitalization.

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Capitalizing proper nouns and adjectives, including personal names, place names, and titles before proper nouns e. Using correct capitalization when writing titles of works, such as books or articles. Evaluate their grammar. Using correct grammar is one of the most complex elements of writing. For example, you might check that the writer is able to: [10] Use correct verbal forms e. Understand grammatical cases and use appropriate forms e. Show agreement between grammatical forms e. Assess their use of syntax. Syntax refers to the ways sentences are put together.

For a sentence to be syntactically correct, both individual words and entire clauses must be arranged in an order that makes sense. In English, word order is especially important for establishing clear meaning and correct syntax. The use of conjunctions to link coordinating clauses within a sentence. Use of a variety of sentence structures e. Method 3. Look for a clear beginning, middle, and end. A well-organized piece of writing should have a clearly-defined structure.

While the nature of that structure will vary depending on the type of writing, most written works should have: [12] An introduction that briefly summarizes the topic or introduces the theme of the piece in some way. A body, in which the major points of the text are laid out. A conclusion, which wraps up the text and ties up any loose ends. Assess their use of paragraphing.

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Paragraphing refers to the arrangement of sentences into coherent groups. Each paragraph should focus on a single theme or idea, and should be visually separated from the previous paragraph with an indentation or an extra line space.

A strong paragraph should include: [13] A topic sentence, clearly expressing the main idea of the paragraph. A few sentences supporting, explaining, or elaborating on the main theme. Some type of transition that links the current paragraph to the theme of the next paragraph. Make sure their ideas are ordered in a logical way. A good piece of writing should present its points in an order that makes sense. While there is no single right way to order a piece of writing, the writer should at least have some kind of clear organizational scheme in place.

For example: [14] In a narrative, the writer might present events in chronological order from earliest to latest.

A Brief Step-by-step: Evaluation Essay Writing

The criteria of safety, cost, and utility will be used in this essay to evaluate the practice of vaping. By the time you finish reading an essay, you should have some sort of takeaway from it. This allows the students to understand your grading process and expectations. Consider what is going on with your topic, how it is working, what it is designed to do, and how well it is actually achieving its objective. Once students complete the essay have them first score their own essay using the rubric, and then switch with a partner. This could be in the form of a favorite scene, a poignant argument, or a vivid description that stuck with you. Essays are common assignments in high school and college.

For an argumentative essay, the writer might start by presenting their strongest evidence and end with their weakest. Check for clear transitions between ideas or sections. In order for a piece of writing to be coherent, there must be a logical flow of ideas from one clause, sentence, paragraph, or section to the next. Transitions are used to clarify variety of links between ideas, such as causative relationships, temporal relationships, or similarities and differences.

Transitions can also be used to link a topic to supporting examples or evidence.

Method 4. Evaluate word choice and vocabulary. The words that a writer chooses can have a major impact on the tone, clarity, and quality of their writing. Whether the words they use are appropriate for the tone of the article e. Whether the word choice is appropriate for the intended audience of the piece. Look for originality and a clear voice. A unifying and consistent mood or tone. Determine if the style is appropriate for the type of writing. The tone and style of a written work should fit the format and context of the piece.

How to Start an Evaluation Essay

For example: If the work is intended for a general audience, a chatty and informal tone might be appropriate. For an academic essay, the tone and word choice should be formal and technical. The passive voice is also more appropriate in academic writing than in other types of writing. Does your essay make sense as a whole? Is it well-organized? At each stage of the essay, is it easy to tell what you are saying and how that fits in with what you have already said? Are there any conflicts between things you say at different points in the essay? Do your arguments flow logically from your premises to your conclusions?

Ability to anticipate objections to your point of view. Have you considered how the authors of the articles you discuss or someone else who read your essay and disagreed with you might respond to your arguments? Are your arguments open to any obvious objections? Have you committed any glaring errors of reasoning? Are any of the assumptions you make obviously false? Have you introduced arguments, examples not discussed in the readings or class? Have you presented your ideas in a unique way, an innovative way?

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Have you contributed your own viewpoints in a way that is innovative, fresh, exciting? Documentation of works cited. Have you noted where you refer to the work of writers other than yourself? Have you included page numbers in parentheses in the text of your essay to mark where you refer to works on the course syllabus?