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Likewise, he thinks of himself as an elite class, hunter; while the other, seemingly weak, people are destined to be hunted. That fact does not hold true. The minute Rainsford steps onto Shiptrap Island, he becomes the hunted. He is also shocked that despite his best efforts, using all of his extensive hunter knowledge, he is not able to evade Zaroff.

The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

Toggle navigation. Rainsford could have also clashed with Ivan, but Rainsford was frightened of Ivan. Saved Essays. I'm sorry, this is a short answer forum designed for text specific questions. In "The MostDangerous Game" by Richard Conel, I will show how one character changes hisopinion about something after he has experienced it himself. Please leave this field blank.

During his initial meeting with Zaroff, Rainsford holds himself as a civilized member of society. After the unveiling of Zaroffs plans to hunt humans, he draws a wedge between Zaroff and himself under the grounds that he respects life yet Zaroff, an insane brute, does not.

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All his preconceived notions soon change. In his tone, an apparent blood lust is audible if not visible from the sheer enjoyment found in the potential loss of life.

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Even after beating Zaroff at his own game and essentially earning his freedom, Rainsford still feels a hidden, inner impulse, a burning desire from inside. After uttering those words he goes and defies his own logic and sanity by butchering Zaroff.

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Free Essay: In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” the author, According to General Zaroff, hunting for him has been consumed by. Free Essay: Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" is a very " The Most Dangerous Game" presents the story of a hunter, General Zaroff, .

Rainsford enlists himself into the ranks of the savage. He becomes much like the animals and moves even closer to Zaroff, losing the ability to differentiate right from wrong. He is an dynamic character whose brazen behavior helps us further diagnose the human condition.

All people are good, yet all hold the potential for evil. Philosophers analogize humans to rolling stones. All must roll but not all must wade in the same moss. His mind struggles to accommodate to its new environment and living conditions.

A study of the character Rainsford as depicted in the most dangerous game

Rainsford simply serves as a warning that the same beast dwells inside us all. Or is it already out? Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you?

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The Most Dangerous Game

American Born Chinese Essays. William Butler Yeats Essays. He could not dismiss the fact that at one point, he would die from the hounds. Rainsford perceived this tragic circumstance since his mind was weak from the mental battles, along with the physical hardships he faced throughout the whole game. Therefore, the conflicts from this story resulted in either a transforming or stagnant character. Considering this quote, it was apparent that he would continue his monstrous game in the future.

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Rainsford constructed an ingenuous trap that killed Ivan and a few of the hounds. As a consequence, General Zaroff lost his loyal accomplice.

The Most Dangerous Game Essay

Thus, General Zaroff remained the same character that he always was, a ruthless hunter, despite his struggles. In contrast, the dynamic character in the story was Rainsford, due to his change in his approach of sympathizing with his prey. This was his remark to his associate, Whitney, who pitied the jaguar, along with the rest of the victims in every hunt.

Rainsford shrugged off the idea of empathy, stating that he was a hunter, and not a huntee. Throughout the arduous days in the game, Rainsford finally understood the world of a huntee. The experience firsthand led him to a form of sympathy or at least respect for his prey. Although the author was not clear about Rainsford maintaining his hunting lifestyle after this encounter, it can be concluded that he portrayed a dynamic character through his conflicts in the jungle. In many ways, love knows no end, as portrayed in the title of the praise song by Hillsong.

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