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Process Analysis Essay: "How to Catch River Crabs"

Other signs of aggression include flagging the tail, ears flattened against the head, avoidance of eye contact and a rigid appearance. On the other hand, signs such as crouching with tail between legs and ears down when approached by someone indicate submissiveness and fear in a dog. Such a dog is usually cooperative. Step 3: Putting a Leash on the Dog.

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

In this case, the captor has to talk to the dog in a low soothing voice while slowly squatting sideways to the dog. Squatting helps make the dog less intimidated by the difference in height. At this position, one slowly parts the dog at the thighs to make the dog at ease. Even if the dog does not come closer, you may have alleviated its fear and reduced its personal distance so that you can slowly go closer, reach out, and touch it under the chin but on top of the head or shoulder.

Next, you can stroke the dog, and then put it on a leash. In conclusion, the above process description presents the steps involved in capturing a dog in a safe and humane manner. This document presents three steps to follow for one to capture a dog. As indicated earlier, the benefits of this process lie in safety and effectiveness of the exercise. Borg, J. Behavioural testing of dogs in animal shelters to predict problem behaviour. Utrecht: University of Utrecht. The conclusion paragraph is the shortest part of all three and serves to reveal the results of the process. Yes, the structure is similar for all essays, but the question still remains ' How to write a process essay'?

Writing a process essay is very simple, but only when you know the step-by-step approach that allows for crafting a brilliant paper. To help you out, we have created a list of things you should do before, while and after crafting the essay.

Before you start writing, take the time to think who your audience is and what they expect from your paper. This will help you determine what you need to address, as well as what language to use while doing so. Is your audience educated in the topic? Do you need to provide them with some background, specific information?

A process essay discusses how a thing is done, and we all know that in order to do something, you need to use some materials or tools.

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Therefore, before you start writing, create a complete list of the tools or materials the reader will need to finish the task you are explaining. If you have concluded research for this essay, write down notes as to what you are planning to include in the content. In most cases, a process essay will require that you go through the task yourself. This will help you write down the steps clearly as you go.

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

If you use your memory to write this essay, you can easily neglect an important step or two. Create a short outline that will include all this information and guide you through the writing process. Do not forget about the main structure — every essay must include an introduction, body and conclusion. In addition to this, implement these tricks and tips:. Do not just rush into the writing.

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The essay must begin with a concise, yet creative introduction. The goal here is to create few sentences that draw the reader in. Provide the reader with some information about the length and complexity of the process you are about to discuss. And most importantly, do not forget about the small things. Mention everything the reader will need. Every section must connect to the next one.

Complete Your Process Analysis Essay Step-by-Step

Order custom essays on any topics from the qualified authors with years of experience, and get cheap solutions to your academic assignments of any type! Here are a few topics you may wish to cover:. Here is an incomplete list of them:. On a typical weekday in January, 4, customers visit the Pittsburgh Wal-Mart. What you need to do is write down a list of all steps in a logical order.

This allows you to point out to where one section ends, and another one begins, but also serves to provide the reader with nice thought flow. Do not skip over steps. Your writing will be much easier if you follow the outline you created before.

Understanding the Uniqueness of Process Analysis Essay

Anyone can cope with it easily, following our simple guidelines. First of all, what is a process analysis essay? It's a type of an expository essay. Writing a process analysis essay sounds like a problematic task to do, but in reality, it's just another writing assignment. In this article, we will.

You do not have to follow them strictly. Mix them up, but make sure they are all included. Generally, one paragraph should contain one-step of the process. Use grouping by time, ideas or chronologically. Basically, find the formula that will work best for your target audience. Many of the readers wont' have done the task before. Therefore, make sure to provide them with any details you have in mind to ensure that the process runs smoothly. If you give them a crystal clear picture of what to do and what to expect, they will have much higher chances of succeeding in the task.

After all, if the reader cannot complete the task properly after reading your essay, it will be you who takes the blame for it.

Process Analysis Essay Outline

In a process essay, the reader must know what the final result or product is, as well as what can be done with it. While wrapping up the conclusion, make sure to provide the reader with information of what they should have by the time the task is done.

Understanding the components of a process essay

The best way to do this is by providing them with detailed information that allows them to visualize the final product. In addition to this, you can offer some ideas for future action or steps to take. A completion of one task does not necessarily need to be the end of the process. Your conclusion must consist of a summary of everything you have said and achieved though the essay. This is hard to achieve, since conclusions need to consist of only few sentences or a single paragraph.

Therefore, in an essay, you must make sure that you are summarizing everything, not repeating it. Proofread the essay several times. This is another place to use your outline. Once you are done writing, come back to the outline and check if you included everything in the text. Keep in mind that the reader may be beginner, and make sure that the content is easy to understand and detailed enough for everyone to finish the task. With this type of paper, you should always avoid using flowery, complex language.

Writing a Process Essay

Say everything you have to say as plainly as you can. Take another look at the steps. You should not have too many steps since this can overwhelm the reader.

Example of a Process Analysis Essay

You should not have too few, because this often indicates you have overlooked something. If not, you were probably describing a process that is too simple. Do all the modifications until you achieve the desired result. When it comes to writing, it is never wrong to get some help. Even the best writing experts out there ask someone to proofread and edit their content. You following and checking your own content might not have the best results.

Therefore, get a friend or a professional to test out your essay and point out to things you should change to improve it. As you can see, writing a process essay is not as hard as you thought.