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KJ3960 - Master's Thesis in Chemistry Education

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The program is credit-hours of coursework with research opportunities in all areas of chemistry and biochemistry, from synthetic organic chemistry to enzymology. MSCB will prepare students to think in an interdisciplinary fashion about problems in chemistry, biochemistry and many other related areas of study.


Transition metals have long been used as both catalysts and mediators in the polymerisation of many monomers. This thesis explores the use of iron and. methods to a chemical problem, writing your thesis will be an important task within your research Chemical science theses generally fit within a certain format.

This program is designed to allow students to complete course work and thesis research within two academic years. Adequately prepared applicants must demonstrate core competency as reflected by the record of undergraduate coursework in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, with a degree focus in one of these areas.

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An applicant who is deemed deficient in one or two courses by the Admissions Committee may be admitted into the program under the condition that the missing undergraduate courses be taken in addition to the graduate program requirements; these will not count toward the degree and are not eligible for the tuition waver. In the thesis you show that you can formulate and solve a relevant problem using methods from the Bachelor's programme.

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This means that you are able to. There are two moments when you can start your thesis: at the beginning of the first or at the beginning of the second semester. The starting moments are bound to enrollment for the relevant course NWI-IBC; see the course description for a more detailed description of the method and content.

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Cover letter biology. Benzyl alcohol oxidation is used as a benchmark to compare with related complexes. The first chapter of this thesis describes in detail the development and synthetic applications of dinuclear metal-ProPhenol catalysts. We investigated its mechanism of action and observed rapid cell killing and enhanced cellular association as a result of covalent conjugation of vancomycin to octaarginine. In Chapter 3, the analytical chemistry approach was applied to develop the SOC-fga method, which combines Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy FT-IR and bulk carbon X-ray absorption spectroscopy XAS to quantitatively characterize the compositions of soil organic carbon SOC across a subalpine watershed in East River, CO, without going through traditional alkaline extractions and chemical treatments that alter SOC compositions. The charge-altering materials described are dubbed Charge-Altering Releasable Transporters CARTs , diblock or triblock oligomers consisting of a lipid-modified oligocarbonate block s followed by a charge-altering block. Expanding the small-molecule toolbox for studying CLC chloride channel physiology and biophysics [].

The course has a clear structure, which will help you make consistent progress in your thesis work. I suggest selecting three to four projects. Make contact with the supervisors of these projects.

You can find the e-mail addresses of the supervisors at every project description. Have a talk with the supervisors and afterwards make your choice. I am sure you will be able to find a subject that fits you. Many students have preceded you and enjoyed their thesis projects. Go directly to: Content Search box Breadcrumb.

How to choose a thesis topic

Purpose of a thesis project Your thesis research project is an important part of your study. A thesis project at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry Bachelor thesis Bachelor topics comprise a desktop project with emphasis on data interpretation and report writing, which are important skills for the Master phase of your study. Master thesis Master thesis topics comprise laboratory work in which you design your own experiments and generate data yourself, followed by interpretation of these data and condensing them into a scientific report.

Thesis in general After you have chosen a research topic, you will start-up the project together with your supervisor. The staff of Food Chemistry. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email.

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