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Date: November 7, Xu Zhang.

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Date: August 14, Open Journal of Social Sciences Vol. Date: May 20, Fekadu Paulos Gujo. Beijing Law Review Vol. Date: January 24, Open Journal of Statistics Vol.

Self-evaluated health of married people in Jamaica. Paul A. Sevgi Guney.

Date: August 31, Jean J. Date: August 2, Jeffrey J.

Arranged Marriages Research Papers

Yankow , Mary Jean Horney. The love and romance, the ineffable feeling that have inspired countless poets across the ages is missing, at least in the beginning. Those who have an arranged marriage often tell me that they have a practical old fashioned marriage that is likened to a to-do list, but the connection is missing.

The soul connect, however, is what often leads to tumultuous passion and expensive messy roller coaster relationships and divorces. The biggest takeaway, whether in arranged or love situations, is to foster authenticity and gauging that astutely in others. Having said that, there are umpteen amounts of cases where the situation of arranged marriages and the cultural context forces people to lie about their past and future because they know they are being judged in a harsher light than if you were sitting opposite each other on a private first date for the purposes of exploration rather than marriage.

Without fail, the majority of arranged set up marriages I have seen as clients, and also personally, have lied about crucial aspects such as health history, sexual history and financial assets. The biggest takeaway, whether in arranged or love situations is to foster authenticity and gauging that astutely in others. Cilona also agrees that there's something to be said for not relying solely on the romantic feelings you have toward a potential partner in order to make smarter choices in love.

Research Papers Arranged Marriage

Kankariya attributes evaluating shared values as an important part of the equation for a successful arranged marriage. If these core values match up, the rest of life is a puzzle piece that you put together as a couple. If core values match up, the rest of life is a puzzle piece that you put together as a couple.

Both in traditional arranged marriages and in the reality show version, the level of commitment exhibited by each partner is heightened from what we see in traditional marriages.

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This habit has been very common in noble families, especially in reigning ones, at the scope of combining and perhaps enforcing the respective strengths of originary families and kingdoms of the spouses. It is found all over the world. Homework for me One-stop solution for students in need of homework help. It forms the foundation for a continued family line, and the backdrop for raising children. In America and Western Europe, marriages based on love, have dominated. I did, and it was great.

This season in particular, participants constantly reiterate the importance they place on marriage, and their deep desire to be a part of one. Some parents may also show strong disapproval of dating partners selected by their children.

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The trend still seems that the control of parents is likely to be stronger in families of higher social class, and is also dependent on how traditional the ethnic culture is. Although arranged marriages have been in existence from the past several years, the concept of the institution has taken a sort of a liberal approach in the North American society, if not in the third world countries. The younger generation residing in the current society have not totally blocked off the idea of arranged marriages, nor have they completely adapted the North American ways of mate selection.

These youths are trying to strike a balance between the Eastern and the Western cultures, and come up with a plan which is a combination of the Western and eastern way of choosing their mates. I was introduced to a young man earlier this year by his and many parents after our families have analyzed our family history. Both of the families after doing their homework decided that the young man and I would be a good match for each other. Some of the factors of potential marriage approval were, the similar family background in India, the same religion, the same caste, similar financial structure, similar educational background.

However to me and to the young man these factors played a minor role compared to our parents who thought that these were the most important factors. I and the young man wanted us to be compatible and understand each other. This institution of dating did not include the physical aspects or going out late nights, but it comprised of regular talking, going for lunches, early dinner sometimes under the supervision of an older person in the family. We finally decided to go ahead with the marriage, and recently got engaged.

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My personal experience is not at all alien to the South Asian youths living in North America. In fact about eighty to eighty-five percent of the marriages taking place today are an outcome of this modern view of the arranged marriages.

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Apr 25, David Wallimann. Professor Moeckel. Great Books. Arranged Marriages. In America we are not accustomed to the idea of arranged marriages. View Arranged Marriages Research Papers on for free.

Young men and women are introduced to each other by their parents, and then the final decision rests unto the hands of the younger people. Knowledge gained from the study of arranged marriages is useful in understanding and comparing the degree of satisfaction found among partners and the success of marital unions. If we compare arranged marriages with marriages based on romantic love or free choice by the marital partners, facts prove that arranged marriages are likely to last longer than love matches, be more satisfying in the long run, be more realistic and practical, and create more partner compatibility.

Moreover, in comparison with arranged marriages, romantic unions do result in a higher divorce rate, which may indicate more intense involvement, idealization of the marital partner, and subsequent disillusionment, leading to marital dissolution.

On the other hand, arranged marriages are scrutinized by those who favor free choice in mate selection. This group argues that romantic unions result in greater marital happiness than in family arranged unions because the attraction is more immediate and compatibility more realistic Some individuals prefer to steer a middle course between having completely free choice and having a mate chosen for them; in this way they can seek their own mate yet obtain family approval to avoid the risks of opposing their parents entirely. Moreover, these individuals may also want more free choice in seeing and communicating with prospective mates before the actual marriage.

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